Saturday, 14 April 2007


Does anyone have any Millennium Classic Years VHS tapes to send in. I've got the following years from 1972-92, well a Slade vid and a Sweet vid. well i've found a old videotape that needed ripping to DVD. It has got Mott The Hoople, T.Rex, Slade, and David Bowie. even Alice Cooper. Well I need the complete ones from 1970-1999.

Any help from this information, yours Glamking2!! Well T.Rex and Slade's vids were just promos at that time, Alice Cooper was only live for the School's Out vid.

Thursday, 12 April 2007


Welcome to Glamking2,
I've been adding my videos from YouTube quite a while now, well the Rock'n'Roll Part 2 vid from German TV, i'm gonna add, then but well i think to add new vids and i'm gonna add my title as 'glamking2' very soon on YouTube.

Well i've got old 60's and 70's footage what i've downloaded off the net, then but even the Slade material, so come up in a few weeks or so when the site is fully finished.